When the Culture Clashes with my Preaching Plan

I’m one of those preachers who walks slowly and deliberately through books of the Bible. And I’m fairly stubborn in how I go about that task. Very few things are capable of interrupting the schedule that I set for myself. I generally only take a break from a sermon series for Christmas, Easter, Reformation Sunday, and Right to Life Sunday. That’s right, no Mother’s Day Sermon (or Father’s Day, for that matter). No obligatory sermon on love or marriage around Valentine’s Day. No patriotic interruptions for Independence Day, Veterans’ Day, or Memorial Day.

Making Himself Known

Preaching through the book of Romans is exciting. Every week I encounter life-giving truths amidst Paul’s explanation of the Gospel. Some of those truths rest heavily upon me. Others tend to lighten every load. Some of them, of course, stick in the forefront of my mind more than others.

Why do you preach like that?

“Why do you preach like that?” It’s a question I’ve heard on more than one occasion. Typically (which means about 90 percent of the time) I preach expositional sermons, also known as verse-by-verse preaching. I usually limit myself to a single paragraph or story and then I follow a simple plan: read the text, explain the text, apply the text, go home. What’s more, I usually preach in series through whole books of the Bible. So, we covered the Gospel of Mark in 52 sermons. I spent just two weeks on the book of Jude.

News, Reviews, and Other Stuff

“Killing Jesus” Reviewed I read… a lot. That being said, there are a lot of books that I don’t read that I know I’m likely to be asked about. “Killing Jesus” by Bill O’Reilly is one of those books that I probably will never get to, but I know others will be curious about it. That’s why I’m thankful for book reviews like this one that can save me (and you) a great deal of time.

Are You There, Adam?

I’ve been preparing for my next sermon series on the opening chapters of Genesis for a couple of months now. I usually start these things slowly, skimming books I’ve read before and reading through one or two of those books that present the different viewpoints on a particular issue (in this case the interpretation of Genesis 1-2). By now my mind is almost equally divided between the final weeks of 1 Peter and the Genesis series.

‘Love’, the Bible, and Gay Marriage

Sometimes being a dad is really hard. It’s rewarding, but tough. It’s tough because you realize early on that real love means you sometimes have to do things that you know won’t seem loving to your kids at the time. But, of course, if kids were able to define what fatherly love looks like then I suppose there’d be no groundings, no spankings, and no lectures; just ice cream, cake and sodas, and affirming nods and pats on the back. Fortunately, kids don’t get to define ‘love,’ and so we dads (and moms) get to try our best not to raise malnourished, bratty, self-centered human beings.

Forty Years Later

Forty years have now passed since the US Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion in Roe v. Wade. Since that time tens of millions of human beings have lost their lives in our own country before they even took their first breath (the numbers are staggeringly higher when one views things from an international perspective).

Rejoicing in Failed Resolutions

I have to confess that I’m not all that great at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Whether its an overly ambitious Bible-reading plan or ridiculous fitness goals, most of time I fall pretty far short of my own expectations. Fortunately, expectations can be adjusted, or even discarded. There’s no immediate consequence that faces me when I fall short of personal resolutions (except maybe disappointment with myself).


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